The Property Was Sold at $15.75 Million

For a long time, some of the prestigious prehistoric buildings have remained abandoned and vacant. They have been in the market for a long time but due to some factors, people are not willing to have them in their possession and no one knows why. The Property at 3800 Washington St, San Francisco is one of those abandoned versatile mansions that have remained longer than any living being can remember. This article will focus on 3800 Washington St, San Francisco property and the info revolving around them

After several decades, the last of the Property at 3800 Washington St, San Francisco has been sold out. This mansion is lustrous and its sale has brought to an end the strange dramas in the history of San Francisco. The mansion sits on 20,500 square foot with 11- bath and 14- bed. It has stood on that soil since 1902 and the listed measurements are inclusive of even the guest house. Lastly, the property was sold at $15.75 million which is $2 million less than its 2007 market price of $18 million. If you consider the inflation, this loss would amount to $4 million which is just a small figure compared to the long weird history associated with this mansion.

This mansion has been a registered national landmark recognized by everyone and its sale hiked up to $25 million in the year 2012. However, since then, the price has been said to have dropped to $12.5 million in an effort to find a willing buyer. This drop in price was just a cover-up for the weird history of the mansion. It was also aimed at luring more customers who would offer more money in the long run. For those who know the history of the mansion, they will tell you that this house represents the tribulations that the founder of CNET, Mr Halsey and the owner of the mansion at one time. It cites his loss of legal battles against various individuals like Christie and Sotheby.

This historic property has seen very tempting times over years. After Halsey, there was a local squatter who went around selling every portable item in the house. He had just turned this long surviving mansion into his personal mansion. In the year 2014, when the mansion was being offered at around $18, it is rumoured that Taylor Swift had shown interest in purchasing it but the details of what happened later were never captured in the rumour. The way the history of this long living mansion could be preserved has been very challenging.

Regardless of the constant tribulations that the house went through in the times of property purgatory, the house has stood for so many years depicting its 18th-century chateau Versailles model of Louis XV. With its falling ceiling that led to a decline of millions in its price listing, the property remained as one of the most enthralling assets. Regardless, it was still one of the most expensive properties that the city could offer.

This house is also named after its original owner Marcus Koshland hence referred to as Koshland House. The owner is known to have been trading in wool making his fortune out of it. If you would look at how prestigious the house is, you can tell how much the wool used to cost back then and how much wool Marcus sold to raise enough money to erect such a prestigious building in the city. Some say that the sale of wool was just a cover-up for other side businesses but this is what is known and documented. The history of this old building will continue but it is finally enjoying a happy ending. What happens next lies in the hands of the saints who had enough courage to purchase it after all that long.

What stands to be a country’s history should be preserved at all cost. The architectural designs and the history of our country stands at the glimpse of being lost forever. What are we doing to ensure that this does not happen? The property at 3800 Washington St, San Francisco, is one of those pre-existing landmarks that should be left to remain for as long as possible. It has been a relief after this property was rescued from destruction and sold out after so many years.

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Property at 3800 Washington St, San Francisco

When you talk about luxurious living, the Property at 3800 Washington St, San Francisco is one of those houses that shows the owners lived like masters and lords. Regardless, it has had very few owners since it was built and for a long time, it has rocked the market with high prices that keep on dropping to attract customers. Nevertheless, the long lonely years have passed and the property has just been sold at $18.7 million. This article will acquaint you with information revolving around this property up to its time of sale.

Property at 3800 Washington

The Property at 3800 Washington St, San Francisco has been alive since the year 1902. It was designed by Frank S Van Trees an architecture who was hired by Marcus S. Koshland a wool merchant at San Francisco and his wife. The architectural design of this building gives credit to a palace at France that Koshland and his wife had admired. The Le Petit Trianon palace was one of its kind. However, it enjoys some disreputable stories as the home that was given to Marie Antoinette by Louis XVI. Regardless, this did not bar the secret admirers from pursuing their goals of having a similarly designed home. The infamous stories also did not hit their nerve. After all, they admired the architectural designs and not the France stories.

It is located in Presidio Height upscale neighbourhood and it has stood there since many people can remember. Its design is still admirable and its properties made it one of the most expensive properties in the market. It stands on 2/3 acre of land with 3 separate lots spread across this space. The 3800 Washington is where the main house is located and the 3810 Washington stands the guest house. There is a vacant land at 125 Maple which has been currently put to use as a garden.

The main house has elevator systems that can access all the levels of the building. On the top floor is a grand ballroom which makes this property fascinating than much other building built in the same era. It also has a game room, a music room, a family room, formal dining room, 2sitting rooms, 3 kitchens, 4 living rooms, 6 bathrooms and 9 bedrooms. This house seems to have definitely been made for a king. The guest house has an office/ study, a living room, a formal dining room, full kitchen, 3 bathrooms, and 4 bedrooms. Who would not want to be a guest in such a house? If the real owner of this house was still alive, this is the kind of property that he would possibly never let go.

The former masters living in this house left enough history that the mansion has survived through. At one time, it was owned by the CNET founder who at his time of living in this house is said to have lost almost all the cases in court that he had against his enemies. When those who knew the Halsey Minor the CNET founder see this house, all they see is just a symbol of his misfortunes in life. The mansion also stood the time of a local squatter who had decided to sell everything he could carry from the house.

Koshland house has continued to decrease in price after housing its lords for so many years. However, it has already found new masters and they stand to dictate its future. Maybe its years of drama have ended but no one knows. In the San Francisco history, this house is symbolic and what it has gone through depicts the kind of a city that San Francisco has been for so many years. However, the history of this house and San Francisco, in general, has to be preserved and the best way to do this has always been sought. Many famous people like Taylor Swift have been said to have had interest in purchasing the Property at 3800 Washington St, San Francisco but at last, the real masters have it in their possession.

If you think about what it was like for kings and queens to live, think about the prestigious Property at 3800 Washington St, San Francisco. This mansion is a real palace for anyone who could afford to have it. It has been good news and sigh of relief after its sale and everyone hope that the new owners will purpose to preserve its history and the history of San Francisco rather than continuing with the unfortunate dramas that this house has gone through. If it was alive, we would say that it has gone through enough already.

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Pictures of Villas at 3800 Washington

Pictures of villas collection at 3800 Washington Street :


The home sits on a massive, 20,000-square-foot lot in Presidio Heights


Originally built in 1904, the home was meant to be a replica of the Petit Trianon in Versailles


The home is a San Francisco landmark and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places


But according to the listing, ‘this once-stunning property is now in disrepair.’


Inside, grand staircases and chandeliers are signs of the home’s past


A grand foyer has dark marbled walls


The doors have some interesting designs on them


But according to Curbed, there are holes in some of the ceilings, and there’s significant water damage


This skylight seems to be in great shape still


There are nine bedrooms in total